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About Us

Scott Haddow

Originally born just south of London, in Surrey England, Scott Haddow has certainly seen his share of real estate from various areas of the globe. With a passion for providing people from all walks of life with the most immaculate properties within their price range, our goal is to masterfully cater to the real estate needs of each and every customer. Proudly serving the Florida area, here at Scott Haddow Real Estate, we maintain an unwavering commitment to going above and beyond by providing our customers with quality information to make the best and most informed decisions with regards to Sarasota Real Estate.

Our Mission

Here at Scott Haddow Real Estate Sarasota, our mission is to empower the customer to make the most informed real estate decisions. With the help of Realty space, a marketplace filled with resources for homeowners, potential buyers, sellers, or even renters, we uncover the best information with regards to real estate and home improvement, and pass it on to our treasured clients.



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